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Project Events

12 July 2017, Milan - Italy

LIFE+ inREACH Final Conference

We look forward to having you as our guest at the Life+ inREACH Final Conference, that will be held in Milan, Italy next July 12th​, 2017.

Three specific Sessions will take place within the Event:

  • Session I: inREACH: Results and context
  • Session II: InREACH and day-to-day activities at the office (Importers, Producers)
  • Session III : inREACH and Its Stakeholders

Download the Final Conference Agenda

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5 December 2014, Milan - Italy

LIFE+ inREACH National Launch Event

We look forward to having you as our guest at the Life+ inREACH Launch Conference, that will be held in Milan, Italy on next December 5, 2014.

The Event will be divided into two parts:

MORNING SESSION - inREACH | conferenza di lancio del progetto (pubblico). Public conference with State-of-the-Art Speakers and guests.

AFTERNOON SESSION - inREACH | National Seminar I (su invito) - Restricted session for the discussion of the technical contents of the project.


29 September 2014 in Genoa - Italy

inREACH KickOff Meeting

At Ticass Headquarters took place the project KickOff Meeting following the official startup of activities (september, 1).

The first part of the meeting has been dedicated to Project Management and administrative issues.

The second part of the meeeting has been focused on the State of the Art of REACH/CLP Regulations impacts over the SupplyChain and Enforcement activities, as the Project preliminary activities foresee the setting up of a Stakeholders Forum and a State of the Art analysis phase that will produce 5 specific reports on:

  • Regulation (Regional, National, EU, World); Procedures and Technologies (Workflows, ICT, Web Services, Databases, Saas, legacy systems, etc.);
  • Science (Definition of standardized Sampling Protocols for REACH analyses);
  • Transports and Logistics (Impacts of the REACH Regulation on the Supply Chain);
  • Science-Politics integration (Capacity Building and Education/Training).

25 Critical Issues Impacting REACH Regulation Implementation will be extracted from these reports and a RoadMap to overcome them will be defined and deployed. Some of these topics will be engaged in the following demonstration phase.

Several project Stakeholders have been directly involved into discussion in the last phase of the meeting and gave precious contributions to be included into the State of the Art analysis.