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REACH appears to have led to an increase of the costs of managing information exchange along the supply chain

For the majority of the survey respondents (close to 70%)

Interim Evaluation: Functioning of the European chemical market after the introduction of REACH

Centre for Strategy & Evaluation Services

Environmental Problem Targeted

Environmental Problem Targeted EU regulations to control risks from industrial chemicals were first drafted in the 1960s and 1970s to facilitate trade in the common market. Since the early and mid-1980s, environmental and health issues have become increasingly important to EU policy-makers; stimulating alterations and amendments of the original legislation. An example of this is

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Project Activities

inREACH project – Activities In relation to the “LIFE+ Environment Policy and Governance Guidelines for applicants 2013” the focus is on the topic “Risk”. Improvements of the protection of environment and health form risks posed by chemicals will be pursued by actions fostering safer handling of chemicals including chemicals in products, promoting chemically safer products

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Project Beneficiares

Coordinating Beneficiary TICASS Scrl Innovative Technologies for Environmental Control and Sustainable Development Non-profit consortium established in March 2010, composed of research authorities and large, medium and small companies.TICASS performs, promotes and enhances research activities, as well as transferring excellence technologies in the “Energy and Environment” area with regards to Sustainable Development and Quality of Life.

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Project Steering and Technical Committee

In full respect of inREACH “Effort for reducing the project’s “Carbon Footprint”” guidelines, the Project Beneficiaries met via Citrix GoT

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Giusto Faravelli spa @ Demonstration Activities

Project Beneficiaries wish to thank Fabio Stratta and Silvia della Fiorentina from Giusto Faravelli spa for their participation in the IRCApp application Demonstration

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inREACH National Seminar II

Today at Federchimica headquarters the Project National Seminar II took place. The Project Beneficiaries presented to a selected group of Companies (Importers) and to th

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