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Workshop: Life 25 years – Meeting with local Stakeholders

As the EU has been supporting nature, environment and climate action for 25 years, to celebrate this milestone the LIFE community organized a series of events around Europe during May and June 2017, a date that also marks a quarter century of the EU Habitats Directive and Natura 2000 network of protected areas.

In the context of these celebrations, inREACH setup – with the help of Confindustria Genova – an event for local Stakeholders which gathered more than 30 selected representatives from different entities.

In the first half of the Workshop mr. Federico Benvenuti of the Italian Ministry of the Environment presented the results of 25 years of the LIFE Programme implementation and the new Call for Proposal 2017.

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Then the inREACH team presented to local Stakeholders the results of the project with proper focus on:

main advantages of the IRCApp application for Importers (for Companies representatives at the event);
main advantages of the IRCApp application for Enforcement (for Local Inspectors representatives at the event);
results of the shared inREACH Framework development, together with Enforcement and Companies (especially for public stakeholders representatives at the event).

Mr. Mariano Alessi of the REACH Italian National Competent Authority summed up what carried out and the “what’s next” for the future of the inREACH Framework.

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  • 9 Jun, 2017
  • Stefano Gianazzi
  • 25, confindustria, genova, inreach, life, local, stakeholders, years,

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