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Extended Stakeholders Forum

Stakeholder Forum (Ext.SF)

In order to support the Governance of the very core and complex activities spilling over REACH and CLP Regulation implementation, related Project activities, and follow-up of the Project for mainstreaming at EU level, an Extended Stakeholders Forum has been established for helping fulfilling general purposes in relation to Project Specific Objectives and for preparing and supervising "Implementation" Actions and "Communication and Dissemination" ones.

The Extended Stakeholder Forum (Ext.SF) has been defined to include a larger base than existing vertical or legacy ones (e.g. ECHA FORUM) including especially SME's and will also have the specific task to open and maintain communication, confrontation and cooperation channels with extra-UE subjects to deal with specific issues. Ext.SF will ensure proper pointing out of relevant problems related to REACH regulation implementation (bottom-up approach) and better analyses for their solution.

inREACH Beneficiaries have already selected more than 130 Stakeholders, many of which gave their support to the initiative and shared useful information from the very beginning of the activities.

A specific LinkedIn Group is available for professionals involved in REACH/CLP topics.

The Extended Stakeholder Forum (Ext.SF) is a specific Project Milestone (related to Action A1) and it is open for any new interested party.

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