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The project was designed to address several themes, including Industry-Production (Chemicals), Information and Communication (Environmental training - Capacity building - Public and Stakeholders participation), Risk management (Human health protection - Pollution control).

The Target Environmental Problem was linked to Article 1 of the Reach Regulation (protection of human health and environment as well as the free movement of substances, on their own, in mixtures or in articles, while enhancing competitiveness and innovation). The Project, as a matter of fact, had as a Global Objective to reduce Critical Issues related to access of chemicals to the European Economic Area (EEA) with incomplete information or not compliant with REACH Regulation in import operations. The Overall objective of inREACH was thus to improve the protection of Health and Environment by facilitating information exchange on chemicals imported into the EU and their compliance with REACH and CLP Regulations, by means of innovative solutions.

Specific objectives were: to streamline REACH and CLP compliance checks for goods imported into the EEA and the EU customs space, by simplifying access to and tracking of relevant REACH and CLP information, such as substance identity, registrant identity, registration status, safety datasheets and the presence of SVHCs; to foster REACH status verification - Who (legal entity), What (exempted, pre-registered, registered...) and When (deadline for registration, or registration number); to foster “REACH Legal entities” verification as they may be different from “Customs clearing Legal Entities”.

The Project’s main expected results (read technical/methodological solution) included:
improved science-policy integration and transfer of results to provide a solid technical background for Public Bodies, Authorities and the Business Community affected by REACH and CLP Regulations; a national thematic stakeholder’s platform established with links to relevant EU Authorities and Agencies to support project actions; consolidation of the inREACH Framework and identification of the 25 most Critical Issues affecting REACH and CLP Regulations implementation; a Road Map for the definition of strategies and activities to overcome the 25 most Critical Issues affecting REACH and CLP Regulations implementation; technical specifications for an operations and process model, supported by an ICT platform, to check compliance of chemicals with REACH and CLP Regulations at the EU import stage (inREACH Framework - procedures ICT); demonstration of the exploitability, viability and sustainability of the developed inREACH Framework at national level and its replicability potential at EU level; overall evaluated reduction by 5-10% of actual chemicals with limited or not compliant information entering into EU space/mobilisation/use.