LIFE 13 ENV/IT/00849


inREACH Objectives

The overall objective of the inREACH project is to improve the protection of health and the environment by facilitating information exchange on chemicals imported into the EU and their compliance with the REACH and CLP Regulations, by means of innovative solutions.

Specific objectives are to streamline REACH and CLP compliance checks for goods imported into the European Economic Area and the EU customs space, by simplifying access to and tracking of relevant REACH and CLP information, such as substance identity, registrant identity, substance registration status, safety datasheets and the presence of SVHCs. A more efficient collection and sharing of data on origin and destination of REACH and CLP-related goods for customs and Enforcement Authorities will facilitate transit through EU main access points, while ensuring proper data security and correct policies of access to them, in order to preserve confidentiality, industrial and intellectual property rights.