LIFE 13 ENV/IT/00849


Coordinating Beneficiary

TICASS Scrl - Technologies for Environmental Control and Sustainable Development


Innovative Technologies for Environmental Control and Sustainable Development

Non-profit consortium established in March 2010, composed of research authorities and large, medium and small companies.TICASS performs, promotes and enhances research activities, as well as transferring excellence technologies in the “Energy and Environment” area with regards to Sustainable Development and Quality of Life.

The consortium role is also the coordination of the above mentioned activities at regional, national and international level. Its main goal is to widen knowledge and introduce innovative technologies by the cross-border cooperation, with universities and other public and private bodies. TICASS promotes highly profiles training courses such as PhD courses, I and II-level Master degrees, through the award of scholarships, research grants and collaboration contracts.

Since May 2011, according to the Delibera Regionale n.553 del 20/05/2011, is officially recognized as managing body of the “Energy-Environment” Regional Innovation Hub.

Project Beneficiaries

IRFMN Istituto di Ricerche Farmacologiche Mario Negri


Istituto di Ricerche Farmacologiche Mario Negri

The Laboratory of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, headed by Dr Emilio Benfenati, has coordinated 16 EC funded projects and participated to other 22, many of them on QSAR.

Istituto Mario Negri is the coordinator of the VEGA project.

Centro Reach S.r.l.

Innovative Technologies for Environmental Control and Sustainable Development

Centro Reach S.r.l. is a Limited Liability Company founded on 20 February 2007, on the initiative of Federchimica and Assolombarda.

During that year other prestigious Institutes, as representatives of enterprises operating in each productive sector of the country, joined in the corporate company.


1. Companies Consultancy: Assessment of the impact of REACH on the product portfolio and actions plan to be undertaken;
Scouting and delivering of information on the uses of the substances along the entire supply chain;
Support in:

  •  the preparation and submission of the Technical Dossier for Registration, including the Inquiry
  •  the preparation of the Chemical Safety Report (Assessment of the Chemical Safety of the uses
    identified, definition of the exposure scenarios and the appropriate measures for the
    management of inherent risks);
  •  the presentation of the Authorisation Dossier (Assessment of the Risk and eventual Socioeconomic
    Analysis, Replacement Plan and R&D Plan for alternatives, for the substances/uses
    subject to these procedures);
  •  interfacing with the ECHA and Competent National Authorities, for the Assessment procedures
    and any Authorisation or Restriction;
  •  the updating of Safety Data Sheet and Classification and Labelling procedures.

2. Training courses on:

  • It tools management, especially IUCLID5 and REACH-IT;
  • The role and duties of the DUsers, Producers and Importers of articles containing chemical
  • Interfacing with the Competent National Authorities and the relevant procedures.

3. SIEF & Consortia arrangement: Support in the sharing of information on chemicals within the SIEF;
Assistance in training and involvement in the Registration Consortiums; assignment of any mandate

4. R&D and Methods: Identification and mangement of R&D programmes for:

  •  alternative tests not involving laboratory animals;
  •  (Q)-SAR and Read-Across;
  •  Methods of the Socio-Economic Analysis of chemicals.

Italian Federation of the chemical industry


Italian Federation of the chemical industry

Federchimica is the abbreviated name of the Italian Federation of the chemical industry. Founded as the Italian Federation of Chemical Industry Associations in 1920, it became Aschimici in 1945 and was transformed into Federchimica in 1984.

At the present time 1400 companies, with a total of 90.000 employees, are part of Federchimica. They are grouped into 17 Associations, articulated into 41 product groups. Federchimica is a member of Confindustria (General Confederation of the Italian Industry) and CEFIC (European Chemical Industry Council).

Federchimica, whose primary objectives are the coordination and the protection of the role of the Italian chemical industry as well as the promotion of its development capacity, has the following main duties:

  • to elaborate guidelines in economic, industrial and trade union matters and also in the areas of environment, innovation and energy policies;
  • to promote these policies with Public Authorities, national economic organisations, other entrepreneurial organisations, international organisations to whom the Federation belongs, trade union leaders, environmental and consumer organisations;
  • to contribute to the establishment of an accurate image of the chemical industry in the public opinion;
  • to carry out studies and projects which inspire and legitimise entrepreneurial choice;
  • to contribute to the constant promotion of the level of quality of the companies associated, with a particular attention to the organisation of initiatives in the field of innovation.